Gearing up for our next gig!

Gearing up for our next gig!
Here we are in our digs in the Husley Center. The room gives us the freedom to rehearse, create, experiment and jam 24/7! Pictured left to right are James Tyler Cody, Taylor Goodwin, Andy Bostany, Kevin Peek, Jeffrey Stahmer and Dr. Scott Phillips

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


What's Hypnagogia?  It's the edge of consciousness.  You know that time between sleep and wake when all the weird stuff happens?  That's it! Come explore sleep, dreams, and hallucinations in 13 all-new electronic and electro-acoustic student compositions by members of the UAB Computer Music Ensemble. The show is Saturday, November 15th, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the Hulsey Recital Hall.  Admission is free so invite all your friends -- but get there early -- the place always has a way of filling up!

Come enjoy music by some of your favorite CME members, like Andy Bostany, John Dewberry, James Tyler Cody, Taylor Goodwin, Paul Kindred (he's going to play his Tubulum again -- this time in surround sound!) and David Smith. They will be joined by newcomers Kyle Carpenter, Martin Castor, Zach Driggers, CJ Griffith and Zach Walker.  Hear great music, see creepy video, and don't worry, we'll get the video games in there too! As always, it will be a college music concert like no other.  

Don't miss this terrific evening of original music!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Odyssey at the Odess

Come join us to hear some of your favorite CME members and a line up of new talent as we present an epic concert with epic music in the Odess Black Box Theatre! It will be a musical odyssey you won't soon forget! The show is at 7:30 PM on Friday, April 11th, and Saturday, April 12th.  The Odess is limited to only 100 seats each night, so arrive early to make sure you get your tickets ($5).

This concert will feature a homemade 3 octave Tubulum (like a marimba but made out of PVC pipes) engineered and built by Paul Kindred, a live video game programmed by David Smith which will be played by an audience member while CME students create sound effects, and another installment in Kevin J. Peek's Roscoe saga,  Also there will be lots of original electro-acoustic music by James Tyler Cody, Taylor Goodwin, Andy Bostany, Jeffrey Stahmer, Tommy Bowen, Leah Eiland, and John Dewberry.  Don't miss this terrific evening of original music!

Here are a few pictures of things you will see at the show!

Kevin J. Peek and the Ensemble in "Surrogate Surfer"

Paul playing the Tubulum he built over spring break.

The stage is set to get "Out of the Park and Into the Hood"

James Tyler Cody and Andy Bostany perform "The Great Odyssey"